Create awesome offer pages for opencart store with multiple features

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)


Create awesome offer pages:


This post will guide you through on how can you create awesome offer pages for your opencart store.
The Create awesome offer pages extension is used to create offer page : Offer pages creator for opencart.
This extension is free if you purchased our offer extension. Extension links are at the bottom of the page.

Feature Summary:

  • Create stand-alone offer pages for opencart.
  • Complete control for admin side.
  • Add a banner, images, module, HTML on your offer pages.
  • SEO enabled offer pages. So your offer pages starts ranking on search engines.
  • Feature to display offer pages on store front menu.
  • Can show offer pages for specific store.
  • Show offer pages for specific customer group.
  • Or show offer pages for specific customers.
  • Feature to show offer pages to all customers.
  • Show customized message on category and product page about offers.
  • Customized message can contain link to offer, custom text, images and HTML.
  • The Customized messages on category and product pages helps customer to know easily about offer.
  • Feature to show entire offer page within popup from category and popup page.
  • Stand alone pages for offer is also used by top eCommerce giants like amazon, alibaba, etc


How to create an stand alone offer page ?

  • Once you have purchased and installed the extension Offer pages creator.
  • You can go to admin – catalog – offer pages creator – Add new offer page.
  • You can read below different form field importance.

Offer Page title :

You can add your offer page title. This shall be shown on offer page. When someone visits your offer page. They can see the heading as your offer page title. Keep it little attractive. As its good for SEO as well.

Ex: Buy 1 and get 1 T shirt,  Get 25% Off On Cameras, $15 Off on LG Nexus mobile covers


Offer description :

Adding good description with images and banner. Along with steps to follow shall help your customers apply the offer easily.”
Same thing is used by top eCommerce giants Like amazon, alibaba, etc. They create beautiful offer pages with banners and complete rules and conditions. So customers easily knows how the offer works and what are rules.

We have given a short glimpse on our demo as well. You can check demo and go to any offer page. You shall complete description about the offer. Good description helps customer don’t exit the site. So good luck with creating good offer pages.


Offer rules :

Offer rules are show on all offer pages. So if customer is on all offer pages. They can click “View details” button.
Once you click view details you can see offer rules quickly. So customers don’t need to navigate inside each offer page.
And then can easily see the offer rules for all offer pages on your store.


Custom message :

Custom messages are shown on category and product pages. You can select on which category or product page you won’t to display the customized message. You can add images, HTML, offer link on category or product page. This helps your customer know about the offer easily.

1) Custom message on category page
2) Custom message on product page

You can get yourself creative and design your own customized message and attract customers to use the offer.
For adding link to offer just add this text {offer_link} within your message. Our algorithm shall automatic link to your offer.


Meta Title, keyword and Description:

This fields are used for SEO. Meta title is shown on your search results pages like google, yandex, yahoo, microsoft msn, etc. So keeping it attractive shall get you a click to your website. You need to add keywords about the offer in meta keywords. And you can add short summary about offer in meta description. This 3 fields are used by SEO for page ranking. It should relate to your page.


Offer Image :

Offer images are used on all offer pages. You can see different images here.

Store :

You can select on which store you want to display the offers. By default, the main default store is selected. You can select other store if you have multi store setup. As this extension supports multi store set up.

Customer group :

If you want to display offers only to certain customer group. Then you can do it easily with this feature. Select the customer group you want the offer to be displayed. In front end only those customers shall be able to see this offers who belong to the selected customer group.

If you don’t select any customer group, then it applies to all customers.


Customers :

You can also enable offer only for certain customers or single customer if you want. You need to select customer name from drop down. So offer shall only be shown to those customer.

Show offers in menu :

If you want to display offer in store front menu. Then you can tick this option. If you don’t want to show offer in menu then don’t tick it.


Seo keyword :

You can add your own seo keyword for the offer. Its good for seo and helps in improving ranking.

Display Message On Selected Category :

If you remember above we discussed about custom message in about offer tab. That message can be shown on category page.
You need to select the category from drop down. So on this category page, custom message shall be shown.

Example : Custom message on category page

Display Message On Selected Products :

Similar like above you can add the same customized message on product page. You need to select the product from drop down. So on that product page, custom message shall be shown.

Example: Custom message on product page


Show Description Via Popup :

The custom message that is shown on product page or category can be opened with popup. If customers clicks on this offer link it will load your offer page. But if you don’t want customers to leave the product or category page. Then you can tick this option. This shall load your offer page description in popup. So customers stays on same page. Also it looks good.

Example: Click offer link on this product page


Color Message :

You can add your own customized background color and font color for custom message. Adding good contrast colors helps customers to see the message easily. As it stands out of the page and make the entire page looks good.


Layout :

Layout is default opencart feature. want different layout for offer pages? add the layout of your choice.
Read about opencart layout here.


This extension is free and inbuilt within following extensions:

As you read above, this extension helps you creating offer pages.

Want to create actual offers ? use any of the extensions below based on your store needs.
We have added this extension free and inbuilt within below extension:

  1. Complete Sales Combinations : Buy x and get y
  2. Category Sales Combination : Buy x and get y
  3. Product Sales Combination : Buy x and get y
  4. Free gift based on product or category added
  5. Free gift based on cart total amount


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