Dual Cart : Quote cart plus Shopping cart Documentation

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2019)
Dual cart : Shopping Cart Plus Quotation Cart
Dual cart : Shopping Cart Plus Quotation Cart

Dual cart : Shopping Cart Plus Quotation Cart

This extension allows you to receive orders in form of quotations for your selected products. You can have add to cart products and add to quote products. Customer can add them both. And Customer will only pay for add to cart products. For quote products a new quotation will be created in the store.

Admin can add the price of this quotation received and submit to customer. Customer will be notified with pdf quote in email & also be visible in account page in front end. Customer can then place order for this newly quoted price. Dealing with quote products is super easy with this extension

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Dual cart : An extension designed to provide you complete solution for quote system. Complete quotation features to change your store into Dual Cart i.e “Open Cart + Quote Cart“.

How to try demo :

Step 1 : Making quotation in demo

  1. Go to our demo page store front.
  2. There you will be able to see products that can be add to cart / request for quote / both.
  3. For testing purpose now, you can click “Request For Quote” button for product Iphone.
  4. Iphone will be added for quotation request. You can click Quotation request at top of page.
  5. Now you can make checkout in 2 simple steps at Quotation checkout page.
  6. All You only need is to add details like name, email, password and then click Register.
  7. You can register using your email and password.
  8. if you wish  add comments with quotation if required.
  9. There is also an option to select the preferred shipping method.
  10. Now click “Submit For Quotation“.
  11. You have successfully created a new quotation request which is submitted to admin.

Step 2 : Now lets edit submitted quotation on admin side

  1. It is assumed you have created a new quotation from steps mentioned above.
  2. You can then go to Admin login page.
  3. Username and password: demo
  4. On Dashboard you can see latest quotations, total quotations and quotation activity.
  5. Go to Sales > Quotation manager to check the quotation orders.
  6. You will see the latest quotation received with name and other details.
  7. Click blue color pencil icon under EDIT column to add new prices to quote.
  8. You can add new price and also change quantity for products.
  9. If you change price, then press “Recalculate & Save” to save the new price.
  10. You can set expiry date if you want to add an expiry date.
  11. There is also an option to add shipping method and price.
  12. You can now change quotation status to “Submitted“.
  13. Tick notify button, if you want to send customer email with PDF in email.
  14. Add comment with quotations. Ex: Best price for you, Best discount done based on quantity, etc
  15. And click “Add Quotation History“.
  16. If you added your own email while making quote, you will receive email by store about new price with PDF.
  17. You have successfully added a new price for quote products. Now customers can make an order with new price

Step 3 : Customers can now either place order or reject the quote

  1. Click on “View your quotation history” in my account page.
  2. You will see here list of quotations made by you.
  3. Click “View” button to check quotation details.
  4. If customer is not happy with new price, then customer can click “Reject Quotation“.
  5. And if customer is happy with quote price, then customer can click “Place Order“.
  6. Customer can follow steps and complete order with new price.
  7. You have successfully learnt the way to convert quote to order.


Learn how sales are increased with this quotation system

1) With quote system users are always expecting a good price for themselves.
2) When you have fixed price system, visitors will exit your store.
3) In quote systems, visitors don’t pay for making quotes.
4) So just for getting good discount they make a quotation request on your store.
5) Based on quote received you can give customers some discount.
6) With quote system each customer have their own discount.
7) Hence this extension gives you plus point compared to your competition.
8) As you are allowing customized discount with quotes.


How to set up Dual Cart ?

If you have purchased this extension you can read below steps:

  1. Kindly follow all steps mentioned in install.txt to have a complete installation.
  2. Again saying “Follow all steps“. As its needed for database creation and set up.
  3. So once you have followed all steps you should go to Admin – sales – quotation manager page.
  4. If page is opening fine, you have completed the installation.
  5. And if you are 2.0.x or 2.1.x version, there is one extra step of index.php which you must not forget.
  6. Now go to extension – modules – Dual system ( Opencart + Quotecart ). Install it and then click edit icon.

Below are the short description for each fields:

A) Quotation System :

This is the master status of quotation system. You can enable disable entire quotation system from here. By default when you install it, it will be disabled. So if you want to enable quote system you can enable it from here.

B) Select customer group :

So we have a feature to enable quote system for customer groups. Meaning you can have quote system to be seen only by certain customer groups of your need. If you want to show to all, just don’t select anything ( Very simple !! ).

If you have marked any customer group, then dual cart will only be active for that customer group. Customer has to be logged in with that customer group to see quote features on front end. Other customers belonging to other customer group or guest customers cannot see this quote system active.

So if you want to have quote system only for certain customer group(s) then mark them else leave all un-ticked. So it will apply to all.

C) New Quotation Received Status:

In this is a quotation status that will be shown when new quotation is placed by customer. By default after installation its “Under review” status. If you want to change this name you can go to admin – settings – localization – quotation status.

D) Quotation Rejected By Customer Status:

This is a quotation status that will automatically happen when quote is rejected by customer. By default after installation its “Rejected” status. If you want to change this name you can go to admin – settings – localization – quotation status.

E) Quotation Converted To Order Status:

The quotation status that will automatically happen when quote is accepted by customer and its converted to order. By default after installation its “Converted to order” status. If you want to change this name you can go to admin – settings – localization – quotation status.

F) Attach PDF in Email:

When you submit your quote with custom prices to customer and if you want to attach a PDF in HTML email then you can enable this feature. So PDF will be attached along with HTML email.

G) Separate Quotation Cart:

As the name says “Separate quotation cart”, it means it allows customer to request quote via separate cart.

If this field is enabled, then initial quote requests placed by customers will come via own simple 2 step checkout.
It is highly recommended to keep this field enabled like our demo. It is recommended because the process is very smooth and very less confusing.

If this field is disabled, then initial quote requests placed by customer will go via your own checkout system.

H) Complete Quotation Button:

If you want to give option to customer to request quote for all products in cart then you can enable this option.
This button shows up on your checkout page and not our 2 step checkout page.

So suppose customer is placing an order from your checkout page. At last step there is confirm order button. So just besides that there will be one more button called “Ask for quotation”. Just like this image

If you are using default opencart checkout system then this button will show without configuration.
And if you are using custom checkout then you will need configuration, since your checkout files are new and hence it needs configuration. You can click Support ticket here for configuration.

So all your add to cart products will be received to admin as a quote order. If you don’t want all products to be received as quote request then don’t use this option.

I) Show Actual Price In PDF:

The feature is used when you have replied to quote request by adding a custom price for customer. And in PDF if you want to show actual price of that product to customer. You can enable this field. Its helpful when you are doing discounts for customer. So customer can compare the prices.

J) Show Discount Done In PDF:

This feature is similar to above one, it gives customer the exact discount done on quote. So customer can know the discount done and will help store to convert that quote to order. Because seeing discounts is one of the key selling points for order generation.

Also only if its positive discount i.e greater then zero it will show. If you have increased the prices then actual price it won’t show to customer. Else customer won’t like it. So i think we played smart here. :p

K) Quick Quotation Checkout:

This is about our quick quotation checkout. Suppose there is new customer who add product to quote and goes to our quotation checkout page.

If this field is enabled, then this new customer will only need to enter personal details for making quote.
And if this field is disabled, then this new customer will also need to enter address details.

For already registered customers, they will only see 2 steps checkout i.e login and confirm quote.
Guest customers cannot make quote requests since they don’t have account page in front end. So making order from quote is not possible as there exits no user interface for them. So its is necessary for them to register.

So this was all about different fields of dual cart module.

How to create a quote product, only quote product, both quote + cart product ?

It is very simple. Once you installed the extension successfully, follow steps below

Manual Method Per Product:

  1. Log into your admin panel and go to catalog – product edit page.
  2. Go to data tab.
  3. Here just above Requires shipping field there are 2 new fields for you.
  4. Allow only quote this field will make a product to be just quote product.
  5. Quote + Cart this field will make product to be dual product i.e add to cart and quote product.
  6. If both options are NO, it will be normal product as per your current setup.
  7. On front end, quote buttons will appear only if quotation system is enabled.
  8. If you have marked quote system for certain customer group, then you must login to see this new quote button.
  9. For custom theme, configuration is needed. Read below about “Custom theme configuration


Instant Quote Field Assigner:

  1. Log into your admin panel and go to the extension – module – dual cart – edit.
  2. Click the second tab which is Assignment tool.
  3. Here you can select the field you want to assign. Then select the products / categories.
  4. Click Assign Button.
  5. NOTE: This is only an assignment tool. The assignment is done on each product. Which you can verify by going to the product – edit – quote field.
  6. It would do the work of assignment. It won’t save the details as its just an assignment tool.


How customers can place quote request ?

You should have quote system enabled and you should have quote field enabled for that product.
If custom theme, then will need extra configuration.

if separate quotation cart is enabled :

  1. Go to front end and find that product.
  2. Then go to product page and check for quote button.
  3. Click add to quote.
  4. Go to quotation cart page and then on quotation checkout page.
  5. Login and make a quote request.

if complete quotation button is enabled :

  1. Go to front end and add to cart any product.
  2. Then go to shopping cart page and then on checkout page.
  3. Login and continue till last step.
  4. There will be new button “Ask for quotation”.
  5. Click it and quotation will be placed.

Once quotation is placed, customer can see that in my account – quotation history.
They cannot see the price yet, since its under review. And waiting for admin to approve it.


How store admin responds to quote requests back to customer ?

  1. Once customer has placed the quote. Admin and customer should receive email, if emails are working on your store.
  2. Admin can new quotation request in Admin – sales – quotation manager page.
  3. You can click on price edit button to enter the custom price.
  4. And You can see actual price and you can enter your new price by direct input, percentage or fixed discount.
  5. Make changes changes for quantity if  you need.
  6. Once you edit any of the above, you will see a new button “Recalculate & Save” button.
  7. Click on it to save your new price.
  8. Now go below to change the status of it.
  9. Change the status to “Submitted” and mark notify if you want to send customer an email.
  10. Comment can also be added with special instructions.
  11. Click “Add quotation history”.
  12. Now customer will receive email with PDF and new price.
  13. They can also make an order from “My Account – Quotation history”.

How can customer make order from quote submitted ?

  1. Once you submit the quote to customer with new price and status “Submitted”.
  2. Customer can make order by going to my account – quotation history.
  3. A customer can either “Reject quotation” or “Place order”.
  4. When he clicks place order, he will normal Opencart style checkout system.
  5. And he can make the order from this quote easily.
  6. Once order has been made, status will change to “Converted to order”.
  7. And now customer cannot edit this quote again since its already converted.

How can admin create quote requests directly from backend ?

We also have added this feature to allow admin to make quote request from admin side.

  1. Go to admin – sales – quotation manager.
  2. Click on plus button on top right.
  3. You must enter and customer name which exist in sales – customer list page.
  4. Select the customer from drop down.
  5. All other fields will automatically be filled.
  6. Add quote products along with qty.
  7. Go ahead and make a quote request.
  8. Please note till this step you have a made a quote request just like customer makes on front end.
  9. So from here now read “How store admin responds to quote requests back to customer ?” which is stated above to add custom price.

How to create language for Dual Cart to your Store Language ?

Check the upload folder and then check this 2 folders
In this you will find english folder or en-gb folder
Now copy this to the same name as your desired folder. Ex: spanish,br,etc
And then transfer this new folder to your server.
Now you can edit the files within your language folder.

Custom theme configuration:

– We provide free configuration with customized theme of opencart.
– You must email us at support@cartbinder.com prior to purchase.
– Contact us here with any queries: Any questions let us know
– We will let you know if you get free configuration.


No core files are changed.
Works with ocmod.
Free installation available.


Skype: cartbinder
Email : support@cartbinder.com