How to send pdf invoice with order email in opencart ?

(Last Updated On: July 8, 2020)

How to send PDF Invoice with order email in Opencart?

We will learn in this post How to send PDF INVOICE with order email in the opencart. We will also learn how to customize the PDF our self as per our store requirements.

PDF Invoice with order email is really needed feature nowadays. As a customer, I need to print the invoice of the stuff I buy online. And when Invoice comes attached with order email in Opencart it can be the best thing. The following extension below provides you with this function: Send PDF Invoice attached to your order email.

Extension link

You can purchase extension here: Pdf Invoice Pro For Orders

How to try demo?

You can try a demo on this link:  Demo Link
You will see PDF Invoice button on the top right once you login on above link. Username and password is a demo.
You can tick the checkbox for the order you want for Invoice and click on the red PDF Invoice icon.

The extension contains all needed features that are essential for PDF invoice. So even you install the extension directly without customizing you shall be able to attach PDF invoice to your order emails.

Summary of features :

  1. PDF invoice can be checked on both the admin and customer side.
  2. Admin can see PDF button on sales – order list page.
  3. The customer can see PDF icon in order history page in my account section.
  4. PDF invoice is sent automatically in an email to customer and admin when the order is placed.
  5. Option to allow PDF to be seen only for certain order status like Complete, Shipped, Etc.
  6. PDF invoice also supports special characters and languages. Ex: Chinese, Russian, Arabic, etc
  7. Choose your own font for PDF. Ex: Times, Courier, Helvetica.
  8. Choose your paper size. Ex: A4, A5, A3, etc
  9. Supports multiple languages like Chinese, Russian, Korean, Arabic, etc
  10. You can add your store signature/stamp in the footer of PDF. Looks professional.
  11. Add Tax details like VAT / TIN / ABN / GST number in PDF Invoice.
  12. Product tax column can be shown in Invoice which will display product tax.
  13. Show sum in words of the total at the footer.
  14. An extra feature to auto-generate invoice number when the order is placed. It’s optional.
  15. Feature to show product images in PDF invoice.
  16. Option to create PDF invoice with store logo and without store logo.
  17. Feature to add extra blank rows in PDF for better invoice look.
  18. Add customized messages in the footer for better invoice look.
  19.  Option to show page number in Invoice for better invoice look.
  20. Show Invoice creation date in Invoice.
  21. Show Due date in Invoice.
  22. If you have used custom fields in Opencart it will also show in your Invoice.

Learn different settings in PDF Invoice

Once you have purchased the extension and installed it. You can go to an extension – modules – PDF Invoice Pro For Orders

Attach PDF Invoice In E-mail :

You can enable this if you want to attach PDF Invoice directly in the email. If you do not want to attach a PDF invoice you can keep it disabled.

Auto Generate Invoice Number :

As stated above, we have this feature to auto-generate invoice number on order creation. You can keep it enabled if you want to auto generate invoice number when the order is made. You can also manually click generate button from order information page in admin.

Due Date Number :

As stated above, we have this feature to create a due date on order creation. You can keep it enabled if you want to generate due date when the order is made. You can specify the due date gap difference in the module and due date would be calculated and displayed in PDF Invoice.

Show Customer Details :

By default in opencart invoice, there are no customer details. Like it has payment and shipping address. But personal customer details are not present. So if you have the need to display this then this option is also available for display.

Invoice Print Language :

We have provided an option so that you can print the PDF invoice in the language you want. Suppose you want to print in your desired language you can select the language in settings and it is done. By default, it would print in the language of order placement. It supports many languages.

Invoice Print Currency :

We have provided an option so that you can print the PDF invoice in the currency you want. Suppose you want to print in your desired currency you can select the currency in settings and it is done. By default, it would print in the currency of order placement.

Only Show PDF For Order Status :

When a customer makes an order it is not necessary that order may have been paid. It can be many cases like failed, rejected by the payment gateway, canceled. But in opencart order is still generated for above order status. And customer also receives an email for this.

But sending PDF invoice for this order status does not make sense. As this is not a correct order and PDF should not be attached to such emails.

So in order to save from this situation, we added a setting to select order status on which PDF invoice will be shown and attached in the email. You can select order status as per your wish. Ex : Completed, Shipped, Processing. Etc

Image Mode :

Some servers support mode 1 to print the images in PDF. And some work with mode 2. So we have covered both.

Invoice Orientation :

You can select the orientation of the PDF invoice. Portrait or Landscape.

Font Style :

There are different fonts available for PDF invoice. So you can select the ones based on your store.

Font Size :

Best font size is 14. Though you can choose your own font size. As we have provided the control for it.

Page Format :

You can select the format needed for your Invoice. Maximum used is A4. But every store is different. You can select the format you need.

Add Extra Rows :

Many invoices have extra blank columns between all products and total. This field can be used for that. You can enable it. And you will see drop down for further customizing.

  1. A number Of Extra Rows :
    You can select how many extra rows you want to add. Ex: 4 or 5 or 6 etc
  2. When Number Of Purchased Products Less Than:
    You can add a condition when extra rows should be inserted like only when purchased product is equal to 1 or 2. Because when many products are purchased adding extra rows does not make sense.
Show Logo :

If you want your PDF should contain store logo, then enable this option. If you do not want the store logo in an email. You must disable it.

Show Product Image :

You can also add product image in PDF. You must keep this option enabled for showing product images. This looks good in PDF invoice.

Show Tax Column :

If you have used default opencart invoice it does not have tax column. With this option, you can now show the tax column in product table while printing invoice. So tax column would come printed in PDF Invoice.

Enter VAT / TIN / ABN / GST Number :

In opencart, we do not have anything for displaying tax number for the store which is really necessary for many countries. So we have added a control to add TAX number from our module which will be displayed in PDF Invoice.

The sum in Words for Order Total :

If you want to show sum in words at bottom of PDF you can have this easily. Just add your currency text in PDF settings. Ex: the USA has dollar / cents, India has Rupee / Paise etc.

Make sure you add the text. Only then sum in words would show.

Customized Message In Footer :

You can add your customized message in the footer of PDF invoice. It supports multi-language. So based on customer language selection in storefront, the message will be added in the invoice. This message can be any information message you want to convey to the customer.

Example :

  • Thanks for the business,
  • The order shall only be shipped once confirmed,
  • Have a great day ahead !!
Show Signature :

If you want to add your store signature image in the footer of PDF invoice, you must enable this option.

  1. Add a signature image :
    You must upload the image here. So the image shall be added in the footer.

How to have PDF language files in your own Store Langauge?

You will need to transfer the below language files in your language folder. As you seem to use another language.


Kindly transfer to the same path in your language folder. Example If you use Russian. So it will be


How to customize the PDF invoice?

For customizing the PDF you must have

  1. Little knowledge about HTML.
  2. File Zilla or cPanel access for your store.
Steps :
  1. Login in to your server using cPanel or FileZilla.
  2. Go to your opencart root directory on the server.
  3. Now go this path for opencart 2.x : admin/view/template/portdf/invce1.tpl
  4. Now go this path for opencart 3.x : admin/view/template/extension/module/pdf_invoice_template/invce1.twig
  5. You can open this .tpl file in your editor.
  6. You can modify the HTML content as per your need.
  7. Save it. And then check the PDF again from admin.
  8. You can have your own customized PDF.
  9. For front end 2.x verion path is: catalog/view/theme/default/template/portdf/invce1.tpl
  10. For front end 3.x verion path is: catalog/view/theme/default/template/extension/module/pdf_invoice_template/invce1.twig
  11. You need to copy the same admin file on the above path.

If you have any doubts about customizing the PDF, feel free to contact us at [email protected]
Our developers shall help you solve the issue as soon as possible.

Need more customization?

If you have some customized request, then feel free to contact us. We provide customized solution as well

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