How to translate opencart extension in your store language?

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2020)

If you are using different languages then English then you might need to translate opencart extension in your store language. For doing so, we have to first transfer the language files in your language folder. We will explain to you below how you can do that.

Ex: Suppose we have a dutch language used in our Opencart store, so we need to transfer the module files of the English folder (en-gb) to the dutch folder (pt-br). You may be using different languages like Arabic, Chinese, etc. so folder names may be different.

You can find your store language folder in the catalog – language folder via FTP. Like below.

Language folder in the Opencart

You can see above there is a Language folder called pt-br in the catalog – language folder. So we will need to double click that and go inside it. As all the language files are available within this. And we should see below:

Inside the pt-br folder. This is only dummy image. Your folders might vary

On the left side of the above image, we have our local folder. We should go to the Extension folder and then into language folder by going to Catalog – Language – en-gb folder. And in this folder you will see all language files/folder of the module.

These folders can be transferred to the pt-br folder. Once you transfer, you can edit those files and change the text in the pt-br folder.

You have successfully learnt how to make translations for the opencart extension in your store language.

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