How to use Language Editor in Opencart 3?

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2020)

A language editor is a powerful tool introduced in the Opencart 3 version. With a text editor, you can easily change any front end language element. So you don’t need to go into files or connect to FTP to change a language text. Nor you need to contact the developer for this purpose.

This editor has a lot of advantages over the traditional method of manually changing the core language files. Suppose you added the new language text by editing the respective language file on the server and it was successful. Good no issues till now. But when you decide to update your version or there is an update in an extension, you will need to rework those changes.

This is where the language editor comes in. And saves you lot of time. So it is worth understanding the working on language editor in the opencart.

So let’s get started and cover different topics below on How to use Language Editor in Opencart.

Where to Find Language Editor in Opencart?

Language editor is available in the Menu section under Design. The exact path is:

Admin – Design – Language Editor.

Language Text Editor Opencart
Language Text Editor Opencart

Understanding Opencart Structure Of Routes

For using the language editor, you need to have a very basic understanding of the Opencart structure. It takes some time to understand that but it’s not that complex. See the below image, we have a common header and footer element, and the product element.

Opencart product page structure

So the header and footer part is common in all the pages. Opencart places these language files in the common folder. To keep it simple, all common elements will be placed in the Common Folder. Likewise search, the menu also can be found in the Common folder.

The middle element in the above image is the product page. So where do you think the product language files would be? It would be in the product folder. Very Simple Right? The product folder also contains language files for the category, search, special, and manufacturer page.

Likewise, we have information page like contact us page, info pages and those will fall in the Information folder.

Then we have Account Pages. Account pages are different like address edit page, download page, transaction page, etc. So those all fall in the language folder.

Similarly checkout language files fall in the Checkout folder. So the shopping cart page, shipping and payment address all these pages that relate to the checkout fall in the checkout folder.

Email related stuff falls in the Mail Folder. Like order alert, order edit, password forgot. So all these mail related stuff can be found in the Mail Folder.

Sometimes when you install any extension, those extensions have a language file. Most of the case they are present in the extension/module folder. You can check that by going into the Upload folder. And then going in the catalog/language folder. You can see there which folder it goes into.
So to conclude all extension-related language files would be present in the Extension Module folder.

You can see all language Folder in the Route Section as per the image below.

Opencart language folder Can be found in Route

How to find the Opencart folder using route word in the URL?

You can also find the route ( language folder ) by checking the URL. If you have not enabled SEO URL you will be able to see the route word in your URL. Ex when you visit this link below:

You should come to the Account Register page. Now in the URL above you can see the last words below

So the account/register is the route for this page. Similarly you can find other routes like this.

What is the Key Element in the Language Editor?

The key element which is next to Route holds the actual key and value which you can edit it. See example below:

How to change text in the language editor

We will explain below how to change language text of different pages in Opencart

Changing Language Text On Header / footer:

Since header is the common part it falls in the common/header route and footer falls in the common/footer part.

How to change Language Text on Checkout Page in Opencart?

Checkout language files can be found in the checkout/folder. Most of the language text can be found in the checkout/checkout route. So we will change the language text city which is found on the checkout page to the word Landmark. See image below:

Changing the language text on the checkout page in Opencart

How to change Language text in the Opencart Email?

The email elements are all present in the Mail folder. So we will change a text date added to Date of order for the email section.

Changing the email text in the Opencart 3

How to change text on the Account Order Page in Opencart?

Since all language elements of the account pages fall in the Account folder.
We will change the word

Changing Language Text On Account Order Info Page Opencart

So we have explained above how you can use the language editor in the Opencart to change the Language text. And save time and money both.
If you want us to add language text for a particular page you are not getting, just drop your comment below and we will try to help you out. Cheers !!!

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