Missing orders in Opencart, how are they created?

(Last Updated On: May 11, 2020)

If you are using the Opencart platform for your eCommerce store, you must have come across the word “Missing Orders”. So what exactly is missing orders and how do they get created? Lets get into it:

Missing order is a missed order

What are missing orders?

Missing orders simply means an order which was created but not completed. So it has no order status. So technically it means the order status id is zero for missing orders. As they have no status.

How missing orders is created in Opencart?

All orders are initially a missing order. When customers add product to their cart and go to the checkout page, an order is already created into the database. In Opencart when you reach Step No 6, the order is created in the database. But the order status id is kept as ZERO.

ZERO simply means no action is done on the order yet. Action like completing the order, cancellation of an order, or aborting the order.

Based on the action the order status ID field shall change. If it is completed, it would have “Completed Status”. So the order status id is changed to that of “Completed”. Similarly, it changes as per the action.

So there can be various reasons why customer went till Checkout page and did not complete the order, like below:

  1. Customer is just browsing.
  2. Network problems.
  3. No cards available.
  4. Price increased at checkout page.
  5. Decided to buy later.
  6. Others.

As you can see above, customer went till checkout step 6, So order was created but not completed. These orders are called Missing orders.

When you use One page checkout, in that, there is no steps like 1, 2, 3, etc
So based on your one page checkout, order is created at some stage. And those orders are also missing orders.

Where can we see missing orders in Opencart?

You can login into Admin Panel – Sale – Order List Page.
Then in the filters section check for order status. Click on it. In that the first status is “Missing Order”. You can click on that and hit Filter.

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