Quick Attribute Templates: Quickly Apply On Products

(Last Updated On: May 28, 2018)
Quick Attribute Templates For Opencart Admin
Quick Attribute Templates For Opencart Admin

About Extension

The Quick Attribute Templates extension makes adding attributes to product very simple and quick.
If you don’t use attributes, then this extension is not for you.

Quick Attribute Templates extension is best for stores that uses attributes for products. And are tired of adding attributes to new product. With this extension we have tried to reduce the time it take to add the attributes to product.

In this, we create a attribute template. This attribute template contains the attributes which we set on products. So on product page you don’t need to add all attributes again, but just select the attribute and it shall add all attributes for you.

You can also edit the details once all attributes are added.


Extension Version : 1.1
Opencart Version Support: 2.0.x,2.1.x,2.2.x
Purchase Extension From : Opencart  Or Cartbinder

How to create attribute template :

  1. Login into admin and go to Catalog – Attributes – Quick Attributes.
  2. Click Add New attribute button on right side.
  3. Now add a name for attribute template. Ex: Mobile Attribute Template.
  4. Add sort order.
  5. Now you can add all attributes like you add for products.
  6. Click Save.

How to apply attribute template to product :

  1. It is assumed you have already created the attribute template.
  2. Now go to Catalog – Product – Edit.
  3. Go to attribute tab.
  4. You will find option on top to add attribute from template.
  5. You can select the template and click “Add Attribute Template”.
  6. This will automatically add the template details on your product page.
  7. If you want to edit it, you can edit it and save it.

If you have any doubts in how to create. You can add us on skype id for help: cartbinder


No core files are changed.
Works with ocmod.
Free installation available.


Skype: cartbinder
Email : [email protected]
Any questions contact us here