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(Last Updated On: November 22, 2020)

Help guide for Sales Agent / Consultants – Management, Commission & Reporting extension for opencart. With the number of different features available in the module, you can easily set up sales agent system in your store.

It contains creating/managing sales agent, unique tracking link, commission based on specific products, order, and customer reports, etc
If you have not purchased the extension, you can purchase from the link below:

Extension Link:

  1. CartBinder
  2. Opencart

If you have already purchased, read the help guide below for set up.

Help Guide

Where to find the extension in admin:

You can find the extension in main menu itself. Above System link in the menu. See the screenshot below:

Sales agent menu link
Sales agent menu link

Demo Link:

Demo link admin

Different username and password are available on the login page above. So you can log in as a different agent for testing.

Agent List Page:

  • Check and manage different agent from this page.
  • You can click plus icon to create a new agent.
  • You can use filters to check and search for the agent.
  • Click the edit button to check specific agent settings.
  • Using top right settings icon, you can enable-disable different features.

Agent parameters – Form page:

  • Control settings for each agent from this page.
  • Fields like first name, last name, email, fax, telephone, city, address are for normal reference fields.
  • Connect with user: If you want your agent to see their own orders/customers in admin panel you need to connect them with admin user. So first create an admin user through the system – users.
  • Commission:¬†The percentage commission to calculate on orders.
  • Send Email Alert: If you want to send an email alert to the agent on new customer registration/order, you need to enable this.
  • Show in front-end: If you want to show an agent on the front end at the checkout/registration page for customers to select enabled this field.
  • Direct parent & commission: It is the first level parent of the agent i.e Father/Mother.
  • Master parent & commission: It is the second level parent of the agent i.e Grandfather/mother.
  • Unique String ( Unique Link For Agents ): If you want to auto-assign agent to order, you can provide a unique string to each agent. So when the agent does marketing they must add this extra string at end of the URL while sharing.
    You can enter any unique no for each agent. Like telephone no which will always be unique.
    For example  Abc12333, 77188139112

    So the unique link for the agent would be:

  • Catalog Based Commission: It is possible to provide different commissions to different categories/products. You can assign commission based on catalogs.

General Settings:

  • Show Sales Agent Select Box On Registration: If you want customers to select a sales agent in the front-end registration page, enable this.
  • Show Sales Agent Select Box In Front End Checkout Page: If you want customers to select sales agent in the front-end checkout page, enable this.
  • Show Sales Agent Select Box In Backend End Order Form: If you want customers to select sales agent in the admin order edit page, enable this.
  • Calculate commission: Commission can be calculated on subtotal or total. So you can select either of these. Preference is first given to catalog-based commission i.e if sales agent is assigned to a specific category or product.
  • Remove coupon discount from subtotal:
  • If you want to remove the coupon amount before the commission is calculated, enable this.

Catalog List Page:

  • Create/manage different catalogs for an agent.
  • Catalogs are a way to assign different categories/products to the different agent.
  • Each catalog can have different category/products
  • For creating a catalog click on Add catalog button
  • Once catalog(s) is created you can then assign this to agent from edit form page
  • You can add different commission to different catalogs as well

Order Report Page:

  • See the transactions done by the agent from this page.
  • You can see on which order which agent was assigned along with calculation summary and commission.
  • You can filter report with an agent, date of the order, order status.
  • The total commission can be seen on top.

Customer Report Page:

  • Customers assigned to the agent can be seen from this page.
  • You can check which customers are assigned to which agent.

Order List Page:

  • On order list page, we have added a new filter for the agent.
  • Below order id, you can see the agent name if the order is assigned to the agent.

How to assign a commission to a specific product or category for the agent?

  1. Creating catalogs is the first step for doing above.
  2. Catalogs are nothing but a group of categories or products or single category or products, etc.
  3. By using catalogs we reduce the time to add again same categories and product again for each agent.
  4. So you need to go to admin – customers – sales agent – catalog list.
  5. Click Add a new button to create a new catalog.
  6. Give it a name and add your categories and products here. Save it.
  7. Now go back to the agent list page and click edit for any agent.
  8. Go to the bottom of the agent form page, here you can enter the name of the new catalog.
  9. Enter the commissions for the catalog. You can also enter for parent and master parent if it exists.

How to Set Up log in For Each Sales Agent :

  • The extension provides you with this powerful feature i.e each agent can only see their own orders and customers across the entire admin.
  • If you are the parent or master parent, then you can see orders/customers of child/grandchild as well
  • In order to use this, you must first create a new user in Admin – system – users – user – new user
  • Once done, just go to the agent form page. In connect to user field, select the new user created.
  • Now when you log in with this new user, you can only see your own orders/customers.

What permissions to be given for Sales agents in the user group?

If you want the agents to view their own orders/customers, you can provide access permission for

1) user/api
2) sale/order
3) localization/country
4) localization/zone
5) catalog/product
6) customer/customer
7) extension/module/salesagent
8) extension/report/salesagent

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