• Address Confirmation Before Checkout

Address confirmation before checkout is an Opencart extension designed for store who wants to confirm their customers address before they can place their order. Only confirmed address are allowed during order placement.

List Of All Features

Address confirmation before checkout is very useful extension for store owners where address verification is must. We have added features that makes it easy for the Admin to quickly verify the address.

Front End Address Adding
As soon as the customer adds their address, we display them the message that their address is under verification. And once confirmed they can place their order.

Email Alert To Admin
Since customer has added their address, it is Admin work now to verify it. So we alert the Admin that new address needs to be verified. We specify the address id and customer email. So Admin can easily find it.

Email Alert To Customer
An alert is also send back to the customer once their address is verified. So they can place their order now with their added address.

Only Confirmed Address Allowed
On the checkout page, only confirmed address is allowed for order placement. We have disabled the option to add new dynamic address on the checkout page. So customer has only option to select from the drop down.

Extra fee for the address
There are places which sometimes involves extra cost, so we provided an extra fee which you can add to every address you verify. When the customer selects that address at the checkout, this extra fee will be added to the order total.

One Page Checkout Compatibility
We understand you might not be using the normal opencart checkout. We can configure this with your checkout page.

- Designed with ocmod.
- No core files are changed.
Free installation available.

Extension Updates / History
The extension version history can be checked here Address confirmation before checkout version updates.

Frequently Asked Questions
We have added common questions and answers here: Address confirmation before checkout faq's

Support Ticket
Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Help / Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase, customization, etc :
Email: support@cartbinder.com

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Address Confirmation Before Checkout

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About Extension
Versions support 3.x.x.x
Core Files Changed Not Changed
Custom Theme Support Supported
Uses Vqmod / Ocmod Yes
Free Installation Available
Installation Guide Added In Zip Download
Version History Check History
Faqs Read

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