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Coupon Report : Details in Excel Sheet
What is coupon report for analytics ? Coupon reports help you get reports for coupons in excel sheet format. You can check how well coupons have performed, ..
Coupon | Voucher | Discount | Special Bulk Import[Vqmod]
Module designed to save a lot of time in inserting coupons, vouchers, applying specials and discounts for products. Try Demo Below: ==== Demo Link Below ===..
Currency Auto Update Fix
Currency Auto Update Fix is a free Opencart extension designed to help you update the currency on the admin side. It uses for getting the currency rat..
Custom Pages Based On Customer Group and Customer
Customer / Customer Group Based Pages helps in creating pages that can only be seen by selected customers or by selected customer group. Show secret or importan..
Customized Message Display: Create Custom Messages Based On Audience & Conditions
Custom message is powerful extension to set useful messages across store. Messages can be used for variety of purposes like alerts, warning, information or offe..
Customized One Page Order Entry For Admin
Customized one page order entry system is an opencart extension designed for creating customized orders from admin / backend. You can enter custom price for pro..
Delivery dates / time slots selection for orders : Multi control
Delivery days / time slots helps your customers to select delivery date along with time slots while placing the order. The extension also provides some more con..
Display single cheapest shipping method
This Opencart extension helps you display the shipping method which has the lowest price. If you have multiple shipping methods and you want to display the low..
Display total discount done by products discount pack
The extension helps you display total discount done for products when purchased in quantity. If you use opencart product discount for doing discount when purcha..
Don't send email on edit order for same status
The extension helps in avoiding sending email again for same order status change via order history. It's a free opencart extension by cartbinder...
Dual Cart - Opencart + Quotation
Dual Cart - Open Cart + Quotation Cart : The extension allows you to receive orders as well quotations. Like customer adds to cart a product, they can now als..
Extra Charges For Payment Mehtod
About: Price for payment method extension helps you add extra price in order totals based on the payment method selected. You can select the payment metho..
File Download For Custom Field Upload
The extension helps you to see download button for file uploaded for custom fields in customer form. If the file exists then download button would show up next..
Free Checkout Module FIx For Opencart 3.0.x
The free checkout module on the Opencart version 3.0.x has a minor issue. When the order is placed, the order goes into missing orders. As it is an inbuilt bug..
Free Gift Products Based On Cart Total Amount
It gives your customer free gifts when they purchase total is above or between some range. You can set different gift products based on different ranges. Custom..
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