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Shipping method based on Customer group
Customer group based shipping extensions allows shipping methods displayed based on the customer group. So at checkout page based on customer group, shipping me..
Shipping Price For Each Product
About: Shipping price can be calculated based on products in cart. You can assign shipping price for each product. The total shipping charge will be sum of..
Show Actual Price - MRP - With Discount Calculation
What is Show Actual Price - MRP ?Show actual price or mrp is an opencart extension which helps you display the actual price of the product.Many stores sell prod..
Simple Social Product Sharing : No External Javascript
Simple Social Product Sharing : No External Javascript Opencart Extension..
Sort Cart Products By Name
Sort products by name is an opencart extension which helps you to always see products in shopping cart sorted in ascending order by name...
Stock Display Controller : 4 features pack :  Control Over Stock Display
Stock display controllers is an opencart extension which adds 4 features for stock. Quantity input box, Add to cart disabled when product quantity is zero and ..
Stock Editor Single Page: Products And Options
About: Now easily edit quantities and stock status for your products from a single page. Easily track low stock products and edit them instantly. It is eas..
Stock Help Tools
This opencart extension helps for Allowing admin side order entry for low stock products and display stock value on order view page..
Twitter Product Summary Cards : Improve Your Tweets
Have you ever seen a tweet like this?Once twitter cards are installed on your store it provides you with detailed analytics of twitter cards. See image below.We..
We Do Have Products - For Out Of Stock Products
We do have extension displays different set of products to a customer instead of showing out of stock product.Out of stock product cannot be purchased from stor..
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