Automatic Next Option Scroll For Product Options

  • Automatic Next Option Scroll For Product Options
Automatic option scroll for the product is a tiny free opencart extension by
It provides automatic scrolling to next option as the user selects the option on products.
Besides, when customer clicks add to cart without selecting options, it will scroll to the error automatically.

Need for scroll ?

The idea behind scrolling is the make customer experience better.
Customer understands s/he has to fill the next option.
Also, many times on smartphone when customers clicks add to cart, the customer does not understand the error.
Scrolling to error option makes the issue gets resolved.

If you have options for your store this is a good enhancement to try.

The scrolling works on :
Select Option
Radio Select Option
Date Selection Option


- No core files are changed.
- Works with vqmod.
- Works with all themes.

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About Extension
Versions support 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
Core Files Changed Not Changed
Custom Theme Support Supported
Uses Vqmod / Ocmod Yes
Installation Guide Added In Zip Download

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