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Category Combination Offers : 2 Buy X & Get Y Techniques


Category combination offers is a sales combination technique in which you can set up offers within a category or between different categories.

The extension provides you with 2 different buy x and get y techniques.
Ex: Within same category and between category

You can create different offers on different categories. All offers can run at same time.
It is also possible to track the number of times a particular offer had been used.

Besides creating offers it also helps you with creating offer pages, offer messages, etc
Because it also has an awesome inbuilt Offer page creator extension for free which is worth $35.
Many customers have already got this extra extension for free. Grab it before our promotion expires.


Get 2 Buy X & Get Y Techniques

1) Create offers within Same Category 
2) Create offers between Different Category 


Latest Update Version 10.1

- You can now set up custom messages on category pages. 
- Use {offer_link} in message to link the message directly. 
- Seo friendly offer pages so your offers ranks directly in search engines. 
- Feature to set up offers for all customers. 
- Features to set up offers only for selected customer groups. 
- Feature to show total saving in order totals
- All offer pages is now compatible with journal theme.
- Minor bug fixes.


Some Example Offers For Testing

Below example are actual examples set up on demo as well. You can click on try offer to check it live:

1) Offers Within Same Category ( Discount are automatically applied on least product price )

This technique lets you create offers within same category easily.
You can set percentage or fixed discount offers.

Some example offers below:

- Buy any 2 charms from Charm category and get 1 free. ( 1 + 1 Offer ) Try Offer
- Buy any 4 books from romantic books category and get 5th book at 100% offer. ( 4 + 1 Offer ) Try Offer
- Buy any 2 lip care products and get 3rd lip care product at 50% Off. ( 2 + 1 at 50% OFF ) Try Offer

2) Offers Between Different Category

This technique lets you create offers between different categories easily.
You can set percentage or fixed discount offers.

Some example offers below:

- Buy 1 product from Bags Category & Get 50% Off on Sunglasses Category. Try Offer
- Buy 1 product from Hair care category and Fixed $20 Off on Revlon Category products. Try Offer
- Buy any 1 product from Boy Tees & Boy Shorts Category & Get 100% off on Boys track category. Try Offer


One Free Extension Inbuilt : Saves $35

Just creating offers is not enough. Displaying custom offer messages on products and categories, popup and stand along offer pages is also needed for proper promotional marketing.

We have added our offer pages creator extension inbuilt within this extension.
You can create offer pages, images, etc and display them on category and product pages. 
It is also SEO friendly. So you can add seo keywords to offer pages.
So your offer pages also shows up in major search engines like Google, yahoo, yandex, bing, etc like amazon, ebay, etc


How it works ?

Customer vists your store via search engines, social channels, etc.

Offers are shown in menu, on stand alone offer pages, category page , product page etc..
All steps to apply the offer can be shown here.

Customer can easily see applied offer in order totals, shopping cart and checkout page.
If customer is eligible for the offer, we show them eligible message on cart and checkout page about the offer.



- No core files are changed. 
- Works with vqmod. 
- Works with all themes. 
- Works with all one page checkout.
- Money back guarantee. 
- Free installation is available.


Are any core files changed?

No core files are changed. 
Extension works with extension installer. 
Designed using opencart standard : ocmod


Wiill it work on my custom theme ?

It works on all themes on opencart. 
Free installation is available.


Need more customization

- We provide customized solutions for this extension. 
- Drop us email at : [email protected] 
- Add details about your customization.


For all techniques

Complete Sales Combination Extension


For product combination techniques

Product combination techniques


Doubts / Pre Sale Questions / Help

Create support ticket


Our email:

Email: [email protected]

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About Extension
Versions support All 2.x versions
Core Files Changed Not Changed
Custom Theme Support Supported
Custom Checkout Support Yes
Uses Vqmod / Ocmod Yes
Free Installation Available
Installation Guide Added In Zip Download

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