Version 11.1: Released on June 15th 2018
- Now you can setup date range for the offers. So offers would be active only within specific dates. If nothing is specified it is always active.
- Added support for 3.x version.
- Customers can see offer description on cart and checkout page within the popup.
- Code improvements and minor fixes in offer page creator.
Version 10.1: Released on April 11th 2017
- All offer pages are now compatible with journal theme.
- Minor bug fixes.
Version 9.1: Released on September 26th 2016
- You can now set up custom messages on category pages.
- Use {offer_link} in the message to link the message directly.
- Seo friendly offer pages so your offers rank directly in search engines.
- Feature to set up offers for all customers.
- Features to set up offers only for selected customer groups.
- Feature to show the total saving in order totals

Version 8.1: Released on August 20th 2016
- Extension Support added for 2.3.x version
- Now customers can see an actual total and discounted total with each product.
- Such display gives them instant discount done and increases sales probability
Version 7.1b: Released on April 9th 2016
- Extension Support added for 2.2.x version
Version 7.1a: Released on January 17th 2016
- Minor bug fixes.
Version 6.1: Released on January 7th 2016
- When multiple products from the category are added, it is good to provide a discount on lowest product price available in the offer.
- It is added in 6.1 version now.
- Discount will be calculated on the lowest price of the product.
Version 5.1: Released on December 25th 2015
- Added 1 new variants for buy x and get y. Creating offer on same category products like 1+1,3+1, etc
- Added a view details button on all offers list page for each offer.
- By clicking view details button, a customer can see offer rules on all offer pages. [Looks Professional]
- The customer can see eligible offers on cart and checkout page if the customer is eligible for the offer.
Version 4.1: Released on November 28th 2015
- Extension released.