Version 13.1c: Released on August 19th 2016
- Added a cool loading icon on pincode change on the product page.
- Setting page for module is now more organized.
- Minor code improvements.
Version 13.1a: Released on August 19th 2016
- Extension is available for latest version 2.3.x
Version 13.b: Released on August 19th 2016
- Minor updates.
- Adding background color and font color on product page for location box.

Version 13.1: Released on July 14th 2016
- Added option to select either input box and popup selection box for the product page.
- Feature to support products if only delivered on limited pin codes.
- Added COD information on the product page.
- Feature added to restrict the customer from checkout if buying a wrong product from the wrong location.
- Feature added to check pincode when registering.
- Feature added to hide major city and only show input pincode box.
Version 12.1: Released on May 24th 2016
- Added support for 2.2.x version
- Improved code
- Add location details shall be copied on copy product function
Version 11.1: Released on February 26th 2016
- Option to control location button in header and shipping charges for the product from the settings page.
- Feature to assign location and shipping charges to multiple products instantly.
- Option to saved previously assigned location to the product.
- Bug fixes and improvements.
Version 10.1: Released on February 12th 2016
- Disable add to cart on the product page when the product cannot be delivered to their location.
- Option to add shipping charge or no charges for shipping for each product for a different location.
- Option to display all products to a new customer who does not add a location in beginning.
- Code improvements and minor bug fixes.
Version 8.1: Released on January 14th 2016
- The extension is now supported on version
Version 7.1: Released on January 7th 2016
- Option to show location popup only for a new visitor.
- Option to allow strict location check for new visitor. Without entering visitor cannot browse the store. It is an optional field.
- Option to add messages with each pincode : Ex: Delivery in 3 days, Delivery in 4 - 5 working days.
- Option to ask for the location on the home page below the menu.
Version 6.1: Released on December 26th 2015
- Now you can assign product location easily with csv. You can also assign location based on categories.
- Saves lot of time for admin.
- Old locations of products are saved. Only adds a new location. So no data is lost.
Version 5.1: Released on October 17th 2015
- Extension Released Date On Opencart Version 2.x