Version 8.01a: Released on June 16th 2018
Minor fix added for 3.x version
Version 8.01: Released on May 1st 2018
Extension is now compatible with 3.x version
Version 7.02: Released on April 17th 2016
- Added support for 2.2.x version
- Fixes and improvements.
Version 7.01: Released on April 17th 2016
- The extension is now compatible with 2.3.x version
Version 6.01: Released on April 15th 2016
- Quotation pdf now supports multiple languages like Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Korean, etc
- Quotation History link added in the header under my account.
- Now quotation activity will also be recorded in the opencart dashboard. Ex: John made a new quotation on 20-10-2015
- Added support for 2.1.x version
- Fixed minor bugs
Version 4.01: Released on October 28th 2015
- Quotation Pdf send to the customer can now also show discount done, actual price & quote price.
- While adding price from the backend, now admin has 3 options
a) Direct new price
b) Percentage discount
c) Fixed discount

- Improved interface and minor fixes.

Added direct entry of new price
Version 3.01: Released on September 11th 2015
Quotation setting are now available under extensions - modules - quotation system.
Bug fix and code improvement.
Version 2.4: Released on July 27th 2015
Added documentation for understanding the features.

Version 2.3: Released on July 25th 2015
Quotation pdf now contains more information about store and customer, both.

Version 2.2: Released on July 23rd 2015
Totals also include tax if any based on customer country and state when the quotation is submitted. So the customer can see the price with tax. Mandatory in some countries to show price with tax.
Version 2.13: Released on July 20th 2015
Bug Fixes and improvements
Version 2.12: Released on July 18th 2015
Instant checkout when the quotation is placed. Only 2 steps required for non-logged in customers. Customers who are logged in can place quotations in single steps. Bug Fixes and Improvements.
Version 2.1: Released on July 8th 2015
Fixed bug with calculating taxes, Totals are now recalculated internally and automatic on price and quantity change.
Version 1.5: Released on July 5th 2015
Price and quantity change can all be worked on 1 page instead of 6 pages.
Version 1.4: Released on July 3rd 2015
New option: Quotation system can be set as per customer group. If the customer belongs to selected customer group then he will see the quotation system else normal opencart system.
Version 1.2: Released on June 30th 2015
Total quotations and latest quotations can be seen from the dashboard.
Version 1.3: Released on June 30th 2015
Quotation Pdf is now sent in the email itself as an attachment
Version 1.1: Released on June 18th 2015
Extension released for version 2