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Delivery date - time slots selection for orders helps your customers to select delivery date along with time slots while placing the order at checkout. The extension provides some more control to admin to block certain days and time slots as per the conditions. Conditions like pincode based delivery date, weekends, holidays, no time slots delivery, same day delivery. etc

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Admin Side
Admin side control for delivery dates

Front Side

Steps to try on front end
Add a product to cart.
Go to checkout. Register or do guest checkout.
Delivery date selection option present on step 4: Delivery Method.

Check delivery date option in front end

- Provide option at checkout for customers to choose delivery dates / time slots.
- Feature to make date field as mandatory or optional.
- Customers can select dates from calendar or also manually enter it.
- Checking for invalid dates, holidays, passed away dates is inbuilt in extension.
- You can create your own time slots on admin side.
- Also possible to assign different time slots for different days.
- Automatic time slots change as per selected date at checkout.
- Feature to control delivery days / time slots based on shipping postcode.
- Option to add list of holidays on admin side so customers cannot select this dates while checkout.
- You can select no delivery for weekends like saturday, sunday. So this days shall be blocked while checkout.
- Feature to show delivery date / time slot in order invoice, order email, shipping list.

Latest Features Added
- Added option to select 12 hour or 24 hour format.
- Added date format selection. Ex: mm/dd/yyyy or dd-mm-yyyy
- Added option to restrict same day delivery.

What is different in this extension:
We have added multiple controls to make sure delivery dates are controlled well by admin. Kindly check them below.

Better Postcode control

You can control delivery dates based on postcode.
Just write "ALL" if you deliver to all postcodes.

If delivering to limited postcodes, just mention starting characters of those pincodes.

Ex: You delivery at 400001,400002,,400003, 400004, etc
Just enter starting characters of them Ex: 40 or 400.

Ex: You deliver at V9C 3J3,V9C 121,V9C 5SA,etc
Just enter starting common character as V9C

It also detects duplicate postcode by removing spaces and dash if entered by customer.
Ex: V9C 3J3, V9C3J3, V9C-3J3 are all same. You need to enter in system as V9C3J3

Time slots for each day of week
You can manage different / same time slot for each day of week.
If the time slot has passed for today then that time slot won't show in list of time slot shown to customer.
Only selected time slot would be shown for the day.

Number of orders in each slot
You can also add number of orders that you want in given slot.
So if the slot is full it would be disabled and not shown to future customers.
Zero means unlimited orders are accepted.
A number means limited orders are accepted.

Weekday control
If you don't deliver on specific day of week, then keep it empty.
On store front customer can only select eligible dates based on admin setting.

Holidays control
You only need to enter list of holidays in module settings.
And we will not let customers select this dates while checkout.
Each holiday should be separated by comma.
So you can enter all holidays present in the year.

Timezone control
Many times your server / host actual location is not set up as per your actual store location.
So with time zone selection we are able to fix this issue.
So suppose time slot available is 4pm - 6pm.
As per server time zone, current time is 6.30pm
As per your time zone, current time is 3.30pm
So we shall be showing this time slot, because it is available as per your location time zone.

Date format control
You can choose between 2 date formats.
One is month/day/year.
Second is day-month-year.
Choose as per your country.

Hour format control
You can choose 12 hour format or 24 hour format.
So it would be shown in time slots in front end at checkout.
Choose as per your need.

Same Day Restriction
You can enable same day restriction if you don't want customers to select same day delivery.


This has been tested on default opencart checkout.
We provide free / paid configuration with one page checkout, depending upon checkout.
Kindly contact us at [email protected] before purchase if using some custom checkout.

- Works with ocmod.
- No core files are changed.
- Money back guarantee.
- Free installation available.

Help guide / Version history / Faqs
You can check the help guide, version history and faqs for Delivery date - time slots selection for orders on documentation link below:
Documentation Link

Support Ticket
Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Help / Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase ,customization,etc :
Email: [email protected]

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