Q1) Can we have hour / time slots ? ?
Yes. You can create different time slots from time slot page.
And then assign different / same slots to different days of week.
Q2) Can customer select different time slot at checkout ? ?
Yes. Once customer selects the date. Time slot would show. And customer would be able to select it.
Q3) How does time slot for today work ? ?
Suppose you added 3 time slot for today. Then only those time slots would come which are available. Passed away time slots won't come.
Q4) Is it possible to block same day delivery ?
Yes you can block same day delivery. Just select it module settings.
Q5) Can we block sundays or saturdays ? ?
Yes. just don't enter any text for that weekday in module settings page.
Q6) Does it work on third party checkouts ? ?
Third party checkout's have custom / new files. And there are lot of third party checkouts.
We provide free / paid configuration with one page checkout, depending upon checkout.
Kindly contact us at [email protected] before purchase if using some custom checkout.
Q7) Can I restrict delivery for a specific holiday, for example 25/12? ?
Yes you can. Just enter in list of holidays the days you want to block.
Q8) Is it possible to set timezone in european time like 20:00 (8 pm) ? ?
Yes. Just select 24 hour format in module settings.