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Display total discount done by products discount pack


The extension helps you display total discount done for products when purchased in quantity.

If you use opencart product discount for doing discount when purchased in quantity.
This module can be helpful for you.
This helps you display total quantity discount done in cart total.


For ex: You have set discount on products on store based on quantity.
Purchase 1 quantity of product A at $100.
And Purchase 2 quantity of product A at $90
So open cart by default does not display the discount done in cart total.
With this extension customer shall see the discount done as $10.

How to try demo ?

- Visit our demo link: Click Here

- Add to cart palm tree pro.

- You shall not see any discount.

- Now again add to cart palm tree pro.

- Now check cart total. You should see quantity discount done.

- Works with all themes and one page checkout systems as well.

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About Extension
Versions support All 2.x versions
Core Files Changed Not Changed
Custom Theme Support Supported
Uses Vqmod / Ocmod Yes
Free Installation Available
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