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Add Customized total shipping and payment from admin side order
If you want to add custom total i.e custom fees to already generated order from admin this is very simple and best opencart extension for it. Also you can add c..
Address Confirmation Before Checkout
Address confirmation before checkout is an Opencart extension designed for store who wants to confirm their customers address before they can place their order...
Admin Api Permission Issue Fix For Order Edit
The Admin Api Permission Issue Fix is an Opencart extension designed to fix issues related to the API permission when editing backend orders. The extension is d..
Advanced Postcode Manager : Best Postcode Management Tool
Add postcode checking on your store with control at checkout, payment and shipping methods, more more features in this advanced postcode manager opencart extens..
All Categories Display With Images
If you want to display all your parent categories on home page or any other location this extension can be very handy. Just enable it and select your location t..
Apply Coupon Code At Checkout Page
The extension helps you to add new block under shipping method for applying coupon at checkout page in opencart..
Automatic Next Option Scroll For Product Options
It provides automatic scrolling to next option as user selects the option on products. Besides when customer clicks add to cart without selecting options, it wi..
Bulk Coupon Import ( Automatic & Csv Sheet )
Coupon code creator is an Opencart extension which helps you in Bulk generation of coupons using Csv or Automatic process. It also helps in Export / Delete of c..
Cart Total : Different Range Different Offers
It helps you set up different offers based on different cart total easily. You can provide discount based on percentage or fixed amount. Also you can have condi..
Cash on delivery based on category and product in cart
Restrict cash on delivery based on products for your opencart store. Also show them special message about COD on product page so they know it prior...
Category Combination Offers : 2 Buy X & Get Y Techniques
Helps you create awesome category combo offers. Offers within same categories and offers between different categories. Also show offer message and page on cate..
City /Area pincode based products and delivery charges
City /Area pincode based products and delivery charges helps you easily set up products based on cities and pincodes. You can also have different delivery charg..
Complete Quotation Manager - First Quote Then Sell
Quotation manager 1 for opencart is complete quotation system. It allows orders to be placed in the form of quotations. This quotations can then be edited by ad..
Complete Sales Combination :All Buy X and Get Y Offers
Complete sales combination is an all in one extension for creating different offers of type buy x and get y. The extension provides you with 6 different buy x ..
Complete stock manager : All in one stock tools for opencart
Complete stock manager is a group of extensions that provides you complete control over stock management. It has admin side (Back end) and customer side (Front ..
Coupon promotions technique
What is promotion with coupon timer ? A promotion with coupon timer is an idea designed to convert your incoming traffic to your customers. If you are plan..
Coupon Report : Details in Excel Sheet
What is coupon report for analytics ? Coupon reports help you get reports for coupons in excel sheet format. You can check how well coupons have performed, ..
Coupon | Voucher | Discount | Special Bulk Import[Vqmod]
Module designed to save a lot of time in inserting coupons, vouchers, applying specials and discounts for products. Try Demo Below: ==== Demo Link Below ===..
Currency Auto Update Fix
Currency Auto Update Fix is a free Opencart extension designed to help you update the currency on the admin side. It uses fixer.io for getting the currency rat..
Custom Pages Based On Customer Group / Customer
Customer / Customer Group Based Pages helps in creating pages that can only be seen by selected customers or by selected customer group. Show secret or importan..
Customized Message Display: Create Custom Messages Based On Audience & Conditions
Custom message is powerful extension to set useful messages across store. Messages can be used for variety of purposes like alerts, warning, information or offe..
Customized One Page Order Entry For Admin
Customized one page order entry system is an opencart extension designed for creating customized orders from admin / backend. You can enter custom price for pro..
Delivery Boy Management: Tracking & Reporting
The Delivery Boy Management: Tracking & Reporting is an Opencart extension designed to manage the delivery of boys for your store. Delivery boys can log in and ..
Delivery dates / time slots selection for orders : Multi control
Delivery date and time slots selection for orders is an opencart extension that helps your customers to select the delivery date along with time slots while pla..
Display Customer Telephone Number In Admin Invoice
Display Customer Telephone Number In Admin Invoice is an opencart extension that helps you display the telephone number of the Admin invoice. It adds to the shi..
Display per product savings in cart / invoice / email for customer retention
The extension helps you display savings per product in the cart, customer invoice, and emails. This gives customers a clear idea of the amount they have saved. ..
Display single cheapest shipping method
This Opencart extension helps you display the shipping method which has the lowest price. If you have multiple shipping methods and you want to display the low..
Don't send email on edit order for same status
The extension helps in avoiding sending email again for same order status change via order history. It's a free opencart extension by cartbinder...
Dual Cart - Opencart + Quotation
Dual Cart - Open Cart + Quotation Cart : The extension allows you to receive orders as well quotations. Like customer adds to cart a product, they can now als..
Dual Cart Add On - Convert Quote to Order From Admin Side
Convert Quote to Order From Admin Side add-on helps you convert the quote to order from the admin side directly. By default, a quote can be converted to the ord..
Extra Charges For Payment Mehtod
Price for payment method extension helps you add extra price in order totals based on the payment method selected. You can select the payment method - Opencart..
File Download For Custom Field Upload
The extension helps you to see download button for file uploaded for custom fields in customer form. If the file exists then download button would show up next..
Free Checkout Module FIx For Opencart 3.0.x
The free checkout module on the Opencart version 3.0.x has a minor issue. When the order is placed, the order goes into missing orders. As it is an inbuilt bug..
Free Gift Products Based On Cart Total Amount
It gives your customer free gifts when they purchase total is above or between some range. You can set different gift products based on different ranges. Custom..
Free Gift Products Based On Product / Category Added
About:The extension gives your customer free gift products when they add desired products or products from desired category in certain quantity. You can set dif..
Get Store credit based on payment method
About: Store credit on order purchase helps you to give your customers some credit when they make order. Based on payment method customer will get some cred..
Get Store Credit On Registeration
Store credit on registration is an opencart extension which helps to give your customer instant credit with email when they register. Credit can be controlled b..
Gift Wrap Complete Order- Choose Gift Papers, Amount, Messages
Give your customers to choose gift wrapping for complete order when they checkout in opencart. Option to add gift details like gift papers with images, gift am..
Gift wrapping per product basis
About Add an option for gift wrap for the products in your store. Provide your customers to have an option to gift wrap their products and add gift details. Yo..
Header Notification Message - Alerts, Warnings, Information
Header notification message is an extension useful for displaying important alerts, warning, information to users on desired urls. It can be used best when you ..
Hide Comments From Checkout Page
Hide comments from the checkout page is an Opencart extension designed to disable the comment section from the checkout page. It would hide the comments from t..
Import customers 1.5.x to opencart quickly from csv sheet
About: This module is designed to import customers to your opencart store via csv file. Many times you have details of customer ready in sheet and you need ..
Improved Sales Order Page
The extension helps you improve your sales order list page. It adds more then 10 features on order list page to make it order management for orders little easie..
In Stock Status : 3 Features Pack
Instock status opencart extension is a smart extension which shows current product status on category, home, search pages etc. It gives good idea to customer ab..
Inquiry Form Creator - Create Yours
Inquiry form creator helps you create an online form for customers on your opencart store. It has lot of fields that are needed in form. Just enabled them and s..
Instant customer import 2.x with new password creation tool
The extension allows you to import your existing customers to opencart easily and in smart manner. You can add customer details to our excel sheet and click up..
Login - register box : Allow customers to login from any page
Login - register module is an extension that helps you display login box at your desired location in opencart. Customer can easily login entering their email an..
Maximum Coupon Discount - Limit Discount Per Coupon Code
AboutMaximum Coupon Discount - Limit Discount Per Coupon Code - Opencart Extension..
Multi feature - Stock Manager
This module provides 2 stock features. One is admin side panel to control product quantity and stock status instantly. The second features replacing add to cart..
Multi Purpose Message Display
If you want to add messages at different locations on your opencart store to help your customers understand your website, this message extension can help you wi..
Multiple Warehouse Stock Management : In House
Multiple Warehouse Stock Management is an opencart extension designed for managing products / options stocks in different warehouse. Facility include multiple w..
New tab on product pages: Add customized content
It helps you add different content on product pages easily with new tab option. You can add different content and different tab name for each products. It's a f..
Offer Pages Creator: Display Offer With Pages, Messages, Popup
Smart Offer Pages Creator is an opencart extension which helps you create offer pages, messages and popup easily. You can use this extension to display your mar..
Page after login / logout - Strict login - Opencart Extension
The purpose of this module is to control pages after customer login and logut. The module also provides stirct login function i.e without login cus - Opencart E..
Payment and shipping methods based on customer group
About:The extension helps you control payment and shipping based on customer group.You can also set up payment and shipping methods for not logged in customers...
PDF Invoice Pro For Orders : Multiple Features
PDF Orders Invoice Advanced extension helps in providing the PDF version for your orders. The invoice can be customized with different fonts, format, with or wi..
Pinterest Rich Pins Snippet - Pin It button
This extension adds a code that is designed for pinterest rich pins. So when someone pins your product it also sends parameters to pinterest site like price, sp..
Popup Banners/ Images Supports Multi Store - Language
Popup Banners/ Images Supports Multi-Store - Language is a single extension that can be used to control popups on the open cart store. You can use the extensio..
Product Combination Offers : Buy X & Get Y
Helps you create awesome product combo offers. Offers within same products and offers within different products. Also you can show combo offers on product pag..
Product Mixer - Mix n Match
Mix and match Extension is a clothes mixer to help customers easily select products in pairs or individual. It increases sales as buying decision is increased w..
Quantity add in multiples of minimum quantity
About: Suppose you have a product with minimum quantity as 3. Then this extension will only allow quantity to be added in steps of 3. Like 3,6,9,12,15 etc...
Quantity Update Via SKU : Import Tool
Quantity update via SKU is an Import Tool Opencart Extension that helps you to quickly update the MAIN product quantity based on the SKU of the product...
Quick Attribute Templates: Quickly Apply On Products
The extension makes adding attributes to product very simple and quick.If you don't use attributes, then this extension is not for you.This extension is best - ..
Quick Stock Editor : Products and Options
A single page stock editor designed to save time for admin and easily handle stock details. Check and edit product and product option stock easily with this qu..
Remove / Hide tags from product page
The extension helps in hiding / removing tags for product page. The extension is free to use and can work on all opencart themes...
Sales Agent Management : Commission, Tracking & Reports
Sales Agent: Management, Commission, Reports & Tracking is an opencart extension developed with multiple features for proper management of agents/consultants of..
Save Shopping Cart : Pay Later
Save shopping cart is an opencart extension which gives customer option to save their cart for future so they can pay later. Easy to use with core changes and w..
Send HTML Email Invoice Instantly From Order List Page
Send Email Invoice Instantly is an opencart extension that provides a very handy tool to send the main HTML invoice email instantly to the customer. By default,..
Shipping method based on Customer group
Customer group based shipping extensions allows shipping methods displayed based on the customer group. So at checkout page based on customer group, shipping me..
Shipping Price For Each Product
About: Shipping price can be calculated based on products in cart. You can assign shipping price for each product. The total shipping charge will be sum of..
Show Actual Price - MRP - With Discount Calculation
What is Show Actual Price - MRP ?Show actual price or mrp is an opencart extension which helps you display the actual price of the product.Many stores sell prod..
Simple Social Product Sharing : No External Javascript
Simple Social Product Sharing : No External Javascript Opencart Extension..
Sku filter on the product list for Admin
The extension helps you add an extra filter on the product list page on the Admin side. It adds the SKU search filter. So you can easily filter products by ent..
Sort Cart Products By Name
Sort products by name is an opencart extension which helps you to always see products in shopping cart sorted in ascending order by name...
Stock Display Controller : 4 features pack :  Control Over Stock Display
Stock display controllers is an opencart extension which adds 4 features for stock. Quantity input box, Add to cart disabled when product quantity is zero and ..
Stock Editor Single Page: Products And Options
About: Now easily edit quantities and stock status for your products from a single page. Easily track low stock products and edit them instantly. It is eas..
Stock Help Tools
This opencart extension helps for Allowing admin side order entry for low stock products and display stock value on order view page..
Twitter Product Summary Cards : Improve Your Tweets
Have you ever seen a tweet like this?Once twitter cards are installed on your store it provides you with detailed analytics of twitter cards. See image below.We..
We Do Have Products - For Out Of Stock Products
We do have extension displays different set of products to a customer instead of showing out of stock product.Out of stock product cannot be purchased from stor..
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