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Apply Coupon Code At Checkout Page
The extension helps you to add new block under shipping method for applying coupon at checkout page in opencart..
Automatic Next Option Scroll For Product Options
It provides automatic scrolling to next option as user selects the option on products. Besides when customer clicks add to cart without selecting options, it wi..
Currency Auto Update Fix
Currency Auto Update Fix is a free Opencart extension designed to help you update the currency on the admin side. It uses fixer.io for getting the currency rat..
Custom text on product pages : Add extra information
About:Custom text on product pages helps you add extra information on your product pages.Like image above.Supports multi language.No core files changed. - Openc..
Don't send email on edit order for same status
The extension helps in avoiding sending email again for same order status change via order history. It's a free opencart extension by cartbinder...
File Download For Custom Field Upload
The extension helps you to see download button for file uploaded for custom fields in customer form. If the file exists then download button would show up next..
Free Checkout Module FIx For Opencart 3.0.x
The free checkout module on the Opencart version 3.0.x has a minor issue. When the order is placed, the order goes into missing orders. As it is an inbuilt bug..
New tab on product pages: Add customized content
It helps you add different content on product pages easily with new tab option. You can add different content and different tab name for each products. It's a f..
Popup On Add To Cart For Checkout Or Continue Shopping
About:The extension helps you add popup on product page when customer clicks add to cart button.The popup contains continue shopping button and checkout button...
Quantity add in multiples of minimum quantity
About: Suppose you have a product with minimum quantity as 3. Then this extension will only allow quantity to be added in steps of 3. Like 3,6,9,12,15 etc...
Register with only personal details on account page
About:The extension is helpful if you want to register customers using just personal details.This extension works on account register page.No core files are cha..
Remove / Hide tags from product page
The extension helps in hiding / removing tags for product page. The extension is free to use and can work on all opencart themes...
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