Version 5.1: Released on September 21st 2016
- The extension is now available for 2.2 and 2.3 version.
Version 4.1: Released on November 13th 2015
- now supports the latest version 2.1.x
Version 3.1: Released on September 3rd 2015
- Added support link in extension.
- Ticket can be created for support.
Version 2.2: Released on August 6th 2015
- Improved design and code to easily work on all themes.

Version 2.1: Released on July 3rd 2015
- fixed minor issues to support multi-language popup
Version 1.2: Released on June 23rd 2015
The module now supports specific customer discount and information popup
Version 1.1: Released on June 5th 2015
Module released on Opencart for version 2.0