Free Gift Products Based On Cart Total Amount

  • Free Gift Products Based On Cart Total Amount
An opencart extension designed to offer your customers with free gift products based on their cart total when they checkout.

Free gift products are old proven ways to increase your sales. Majority of the customers love free gifts. Our extension does exactly that. It auto adds the gift in the cart based on the total. Or lets customer choose free gift if there are multiple. It is very nice way to get sales over your competition.

The store admin can set different gift products based on different price range.
Multiple/Single gift products can be added to the different price range.

Admin Demo

Username: freegifttotal
Password: freegifttotal

Extension Path: Admin - Extension - Modules - Free Gift Based On Cart Total.

Admin Demo Link

Store Front Testing

- Go to the Store Front
- Based on the cart total, the gift will be available on the shopping cart page.
- Get free cadbury choclate when the purchase is between $10 - $120 ( Auto add enabled )
- Get free rubik puzzle when the purchase is between $120 - $250 ( Auto add enabled )
- Get free premium pen or cap when the purchase is between $250 - $500 ( Select your own gifts )
- Get free college bag or belt when the purchase is above $500 ( Select your own gifts )

*Auto add enabled: Gift will be auto added to the cart if your cart total is between the range specified.
Select your own gifts: You can choose your own gifts from the shopping cart page. Message is displayed on the checkout & cart page if your eligible for discount.

How To Set Up Free Gift & Create Offer?

Simple steps to set up the free gift products:

Step 1 : Adding gift products
1) Create a new product in the admin and mark the product as gift in the data tab.

Step 2 : Creating the offer
1) Add offer name.
2) Add a range of price Ex: $100 - $200
3) Select the gifts you created in the step 1.
4) Set up other conditions like date range, store, auto add, customer groups, etc.

Step 3 : Testing Time
1) In store front, based on cart total amount, customers shall have options to select the gifts.
2) If you enabled auto - add. The gift will be auto added.
3) Gift alert message displayed on the shopping cart and checkout page both.
4) So customer's would not miss the offer. It's 100% successful.

Why Gift Products Increases Sales?

Who doesn’t like a free gift? Obviously mostly answer will be “NONE”. As we all love free gift products when we buy something.

With this gifting extension, you can increase your online sales. As you are not only providing your client with the product but also giving them free gift products based on their total amount spent. A nice deal and choice for the customer to make.

Free gift product strategy

We are just using a simple strategy to make client purchase product from our site then from the competitor’s site. The strategy is simply giving them something extra than the main product.

Giving them something more than what they were looking for and that too for free. It is a just human mentality that will make them purchase a product from your store instead of your competitor’s store.


Offer Pages Creator : Free extension

a) All offers pages to see different offers running on the store.
b) Individual offer page to check details and rules about the offer.
c) SEO keywords for offer pages. It is SEO optimized.
d) Display offer messages on specific or multiple product/category.
e) An unlimited number of offer pages creation.

Save $35 and start publishing your offers. This is similar to major eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart, etc. They also have a separate offer page so it ranks well on Search Engines and provides their customers all detail about the offer including terms & conditions.

- Auto-add gift feature based on conditions.
- Free gift products only for a certain customer group.
- Improved offer pages creator.
- Code improvement for auto adding a gift.

Module is updated with time. Check full version history

Have a question? please find your answer here: FAQ'S
Not found your answer, add your question below in the comment section.

No core files are changed.
Uses ocmod / vqmod.
Free installation is available.
License for a single domain.

Yes, it will work on all themes.
We provide support to work with all themes.
You can create a support ticket from the module setting page.
And our developer shall resolve it for you.
In case it does not work, FTP and Admin are needed.
If we fail to configure on the theme, the refund shall be given.

Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

For any kind of further queries regarding purchase ,customization,etc :

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About Extension
Versions support 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
Core Files Changed Not Changed
Custom Theme Support Supported
Uses Vqmod / Ocmod Yes
Free Installation Available
Installation Guide Added In Zip Download
Version History Check History
Faqs Read
Documentation Check

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