Get Store credit based on payment method


Store credit on order purchase helps you to give your customers some credit when they make order.
Based on payment method customer will get some credit in their account which they can use on store for future.

The credit given to customers is completely controlled from admin backend.
Customer can see their credit available from My Transaction page once they login.
Various rules can be applied to give credit based on order parameters.

Feature Summary:


Store Credit / Customer Group:

- You can select for which customer groups store credit can be given.
- So only for those customers store credit module will be available.

Store Credit Amount:

- You can either have percentage based or fixed based credit amount.
- It can be calculated based on sub total amount or total amount.


Store Credit Order Status:

- You can select the order status on which store credit should be given.
- Like suppose store credit should not be given on order status like pending, processing, etc
- And it must only be given on order status like complete, shipped, etc


Store Credit Based On Payment Methods:

- You can also select on which payment method store credit is given.
- Like Cash on delivery no store credit.
- Bank payment 10 % Store credit
- Credit card payment 20 % Store credit.
- You can enter credit percentage on each payment method.


Email Alert When Credit Is Given:

- When credit is added into customer's account.
- You can enable/ disable feature if you want to send customer email regarding the credit given.


Why credit system is powerful ?

- Credit system is nothing but having your cash online.
- This cash is saved in customers account details. 
- You can think of it like a ATM.
- So customers feel like they can use this and save some money while buying online.
- Major ecommerce companies, airway companies are using this technique to increase their sales.


Why coupon system is less powerful and credit is more powerful?

- Coupon needs to be managed continuously by admin.
- Coupons works on so many conditions like date, login, code, etc
- Credit does not require any code to be used.
- It is automatically applied when customer adds product to cart.


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