Improved Sales Order Page


This extension improves your sales - order page in admin.
It allows you to check order details in a more superior manner then for normal admin.
These features will help you save time, improve efficiency.

Latest Update: Version 9.1a

- Now compatible with 3.x version
- Added shipping method view in order list page.
- Filter button will now work directly on pressing enter.


1) Quickly change order status for multiple orders.
2) Also option to send customer notification with email about order status change and also comments.
3) Check sales amount for today.
4) Check sales amount between date range.
5) Total amount at end of order list. (Read the tip below)
6) We have added 2 new filter to search the order.
7) You can filter the order based on customer group ids. (For Opencart 2.x)
8) You can filter the order based on product purchased. (For Opencart 2.x)
8) You can filter the order based on order email and telephone. (For Opencart 2.x)
9) You can also see which products are purchased for the order in the list itself. (For Opencart 2.x)
10) Product purchased are shown with quantity and options if any. (See image above for reference) (For Opencart 2.x)
11) Add colors to order status, it helps you improve efficiency of order page.(For Opencart 2.x)
12) Extra details of email and phone number are shown below customer name. (For Opencart 2.x)
13) You can check the exact time of order complete, just below status name. (For Opencart 2.x)
14) Control which features you want to show on sale order page for settings. (For Opencart 2.x)
15) New features : Filter by Model and date range (For Opencart 2.x)
16) More control for allowing admin to choose which filters to display. (For Opencart 2.x)
17) Hide any columns from order list page to make your page look clear and better. (For opencart 2.x)

Tip: When you use different filter option on sales - order page. You will see total amount at the end of the list.
For example:
1) You filter order list page by customer email. So you will see total sales amount by that customer.
2) You filter with order status "Complete". So you will see total sales amount for order status "Complete"

Try Demo

On the demo, you should find
- More filters to improve your order filter.
- Product purchase with image, quantity, and options.
- Payment method.
- Quick order status change with notify and comment box.
- Order sales by date and today.
- Total sales at bottom of the list.

Demo Link 2.x version

Username: demo
Password: demo
Improved Sales Order Page Admin
Demo Link 3.x version

Username: improveorder
Password: improveorder
Improved Sales Order Page Admin

More 14 features to improve your order page

No core files are changed.
Easy Installation
Free installation within 12 hours.

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About Extension
Versions support 1.5.x.x, 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
Core Files Changed Not Changed
Custom Theme Support Supported
Uses Vqmod / Ocmod Yes
Free Installation Available
Installation Guide Added In Zip Download
Version History Check History

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