Version 4.1a: Released on July 28th 2018
- Added option for manually selecting the warehouse on new order add from the admin side.
- Minor bug fix
Version 3.1a: Released on July 6th 2018
Added option to print warehouse details in the invoice.
This feature can be enabled from the module settings.
Works for options also.
Version 2.1b: Released on June 13th 2018
2 minor bug fixes:
- sum and reset button fix on the product page
- restock warehouse stock for order status
Version 2.1: Released on March 8th 2018
Now compatible with 3.0.x version
Version 1.1b: Released on February 27th 2018
Added 2 new filters in product edit view.
Filters added are product subtract & show prouduct options
Version 1.1a: Released on February 23rd 2018
Minor fixes for 2.1 version
Version 1.1: Released on February 21st 2018
Extension added for 2.x version