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Add Customized total shipping and payment from admin side order
If you want to add custom total i.e custom fees to already generated order from admin this is very simple and best opencart extension for it. Also you can add c..
Customized One Page Order Entry For Admin
Customized one page order entry system is an opencart extension designed for creating customized orders from admin / backend. You can enter custom price for pro..
Improved Sales Order Page
The extension helps you improve your sales order list page. It adds more then 10 features on order list page to make it order management for orders little easie..
Order Filter By Manufacturer / Brand
Order Filter By Manufacturer / Brand is an Opencart extension designed to add a new filter on the Order List page for Admin. With this you can filter your order..
PDF Invoice Pro For Orders : Multiple Features
PDF Orders Invoice Advanced extension helps in providing the PDF version for your orders. The invoice can be customized with different fonts, format, with or wi..
Send HTML Email Invoice Instantly From Order List Page
Send Email Invoice Instantly is an opencart extension that provides a very handy tool to send the main HTML invoice email instantly to the customer. By default,..
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