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Product Combination Offers : Buy X & Get Y

  • Product Combination Offers : Buy X & Get Y



Product combination offers is sales offer techinique to provide offers on specific products purchased.
Using this extension you can create multiple offers like buy this products and get an offer on other products or same products.
You can set multiple products on which condition should apply.


With this combination extension you can create 2 types of buy x and get y combination.


  • Buy x products and get an offer. ( Same Products Offer )
  • Buy x products and get an offer on y products. ( Different Products Offer )



Example Offers You Can Create:

1) Same product combination:


  • Buy any 2 camera from camera category and get 3rd Camera at 100% offer. (2+1, with 100% Off)
  • Buy any 1 laptop from apple category and get 1 more Product at 100% Off from same category. (1+1 with 100% Off)
  • Buy 1 Puma Flip Flop and get 1 more at 100% off. (1 + 1 at 100% Off )


2) Different product combination:


  • Buy 2 IPhone and get Imac product at 40 % Off.
  • Buy 1 Titan watch and get 1 Rado watch at $100 OFF.
  • Buy Hp Lp product and get 25% Off on Sony vio laptop.
  • Buy Puma Flip Flop and get Addidas Flip Flop at 10% off.





Complimentary Extension Inbuilt :

We have integrated Promotion offer pages creator extension with this extension. So you are getting the offer page creator at free of cost.

With the help of this extension, you can create promotions and offers page.
And then show the pages on product & categories pages as well as menu link.
You save more $25 with this pack.


How it works:


  1. Customer can see all offers on offer pages in menu easily.
  2. You can create complete description with banner images for each offers like giant ecommerce sites amazon, ebay, etc
  3. If customer does not see offers in menu, then when customers add product to cart.
  4. And customer moves to checkout page or shopping cart page.
  5. Then based on their products we can display them eligible offers.
  6. Customer can also see offers applied in order totals and discount done.
  7. Taxes are also calculated on discounted price which is necessary in all countries, so customer wont pay extra taxes.
  8. You can create almost any kind of offer in buy x and get y combination.
  9. It is not just buy one get one, it is buy x and get y with all sorts of combination. Refer example offers above.




Want to create offers on category:

Check our category combination offers extension.


Want all offers based on products and categories:

Check our Complete Sales Combination Extension.




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