Version 4.15a: Released on September 3rd 2016
- Extension is now compatible with latest opencart version 2.3.x
Version 4.15: Released on June 3rd 2016
- Added SKU search and column in the list.
- Added model search and column in the list.
Version 3.15: Released on March 29th 2016
We have added a new feature to track low stock products via email.
You can enable this feature on the direct stock edit page for products.
You can also set up to receive low stock email only for certain products.
Version 3.15: Released on March 18th 2016
More filters added on direct stock editor page for products.
Filter by category, manufacturer, and SKU are added new.
Version 3.12: Released on October 19th 2015
- With Stock editor for the product, you can edit price for any product from a single page.
- Each product will now show option in the same list below the product name.
- You can edit option stock and price on the same page as the product.