Q1) Can you tell me how you calculate the commision ?
If you have assigned a commission to products/categories that it will be considered.
If the order products do not have a commission, default commission shall be given as entered in the sales agent form. So it checks both.

You can keep the default commission zero as well. So it will only be given on selected products/categories.

Also you can keep just default commission for all products/categories.
Q2) Can sales agent / consultant be assigned directly from Admin side ?
Yes, it can assign directly from add/edit order form page at last step.
It can also be assigned from order info - order history section.

So if you do not want to show on front-end it can be done.
Keep the settings disabled for the front-end.
Q3) Can i remove the agent from already assigned order ?
Yes just remove them from order info - order history page.
Q4) Is it possible to not show sales agent on checkout / register page ?
Yes, it is possible to use it just from Admin side as well.
You can assign the agent to an order from Admin side also.
Q5) Can we assign the order automatically to the agent ?
Yes, you can. For this, you can give your agents/consultants unique links.
This links when shared will help the module know which agent it belongs.

So if the link has the unique code of the agent, we can auto-assign to the agent.

Ex: Your agent shares the link on Facebook. When customers come to the site we know which Agent it belongs.
Q6) Can sales agent just see their orders and customers ?
Yes, we have added this feature inbuilt within the extension.
Each sales agent can only see their own orders/customers when they login into admin.

Parent agent will be able to see its child customers/order as well.

Main Admin can see everything.
Q7) How to quickly see the which order is assigned to which agent ?
You can just visit your order list page. In order list page we have added sales agent name below order id for a quick view.
Q8) Can sales agent and parent agent have their own log in ?
Yes, create an admin user from Admin - users - user.
Then assign the user to the agent.