Sales Agent Management : Commission, Tracking & Reports

  • Sales Agent Management : Commission, Tracking & Reports


Sales Agent: Management, Commission, Reports & Tracking is an opencart extension developed with multiple features for proper management of agents/consultants of your store.

Features like managing your agents, setting commission for agents based on products, agent order reports and customer report, sales agent personal dashboard, tracking sales agent with unique links, transactions, etc.
Many more feature available for effective management of sales agent.

Latest Update

- Code improvements.
- More controls added in the settings.
- Sales agent self-order/customer display.
- Compatible with 3.0.x version.
- Added minor fixes and improvements.

Check Full version history here.

Try demo

Admin Side
Admin side control

We have provided different login credentials on above page.

Different credentials belong to the different sales agent.
Each sales agent can have access to its own orders and customers.
If parent sales agent, they have access to child orders as well.

Of course, Main admin can see all orders and customers.

- Agent list page in admin to help you manage/modify sales agents.
- Alert email to sales agent when the order is assigned to the agent.
- Set up different commission based on products/categories.
- Set up a different commission for different agents.
- Default commission fallback in case product/category is not having any commission.
- Set up a commission for parent agent and master parent agent.
- The commission can be calculated till 3 levels i.e Child, Parent & Master Parent.
- So if sales agent gets some commission, parent and master parent will also get some commission. It's optional.
- You can provide unique codes to each agent. An agent can add this unique code to URL's they share.
- Using unique code, the order will automatically be assigned to agent and commission would be given.
- Sales agent can also be selected manually at checkout/register page in the storefront. It's optional.
- Sales agent can also be selected for orders generated directly in admin side.
- Automatic sales agent selection and manual selection is available for guest orders as well.
- Order report pages provide you the list of all transactions assigned to the sales agent.
- Easily check total amount and total commission for each sales agent based on date range.
- Calculation summary column in order reports will provide you with commission calculation details for each order.
- Main Admin can see all reports for all sales agent.
- Child sales agent when logged into admin, will have access to its own report only. Parent sales agent will have access to child reports as well.
- With the report, you can track how many order and number of products agent has sold.
- When orders are in different currency, you will see commission on sales report in different currencies.
- Customer report page to display customer assigned to the sales agent.
- Order list page can be filtered by sales agent as well.

What is different in this extension:
We have added multiple features to make sure agent management is controlled well by admin. Kindly check them below.

Unlimited Sales Agent

Using sales agent list page you can add unlimited sales agent for your store. Each sales agent can have different settings and commission.

Sales agent level

You can have a 3 layer structure for the sales agent.
i.e sales agent can have a parent and master parent.

You can add commission for all 3 levels for a single order.
It can have a different commission for the products/categories.
It can also have default commission as a fallback.

Video Tutorial:

Sales agent controls

Each sales agent can have different controls like below:

a) Alert Email: Receive email alerts when the order is placed.
b) Show in the front end: If you want to show sales agent for manual selection on checkout/registration page.
c) Connect with user: Providing login access via admin panel.
d) Commission: Default commission for self, parent and master parent.
e) Unique code: This code can be appended to links which agent can share. So the order is automatically assigned to the agent.
f) Catalog Commission: To assign a different commission to different products/categories.

Commission for different products / categories

You can assign a different commission to different product/categories.
A commission can be entered for each sales agent.
Support for all 3 level of agents.

In order to do this, you can create catalogs of different products/categories. And then simply assign this catalog to the agent.

Creating catalogs saves times in reassignment to other agents.

Video Tutorial:

Sales agent order report page

Helps you check each sales agent transaction in details.
You can filter using date range, agent name, order status.

Calculation summary gives you complete commission calculation details.
You can check total commission/amount for each sales agent based on the date range of order.

Sales agent customer report page

Helps you check customers assigned to the sales agent.
You can filter using date range, agent name.

Self Order & Customers Display For Each Sales Agent

The extension provides you with this powerful feature i.e each agent can only see their own orders and customers across the entire admin.
If you are the parent or master parent, then you can see orders/customers of child/grandchild as well.

This is done via Connect to user field in sales agent form page.
Once sales agent is assigned to an admin user. That admin user, when logged in, has access to its own orders, customers, reports.

Video Tutorial:


This has been tested on default opencart checkout.
We provide free / paid configuration with one-page checkout, depending upon checkout.
Kindly contact us at before purchase if using some custom checkout.

- Works with ocmod.
- No core files are changed.
- With the extension, you get all features mentioned above.
- Money back guarantee.
- Free installation available.

You can check the help guides on documentation link below:
Documentation Link

Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Help / Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase ,customization,etc :

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About Extension
Versions support 2.x.x.x, 3.x.x.x
Core Files Changed Not Changed
Custom Theme Support Supported
Uses Vqmod / Ocmod Yes
Free Installation Available
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Version History Check History
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