Version 16.1a: Released on January 7th 2020
For version 3.0.x

- Added option on the agent order report page to filter by paid / unpaid status.
- Added feature on the front end to have just input box for a searching agent by a unique id.
Version 14.1b: Released on September 26th 2018
- Code improvements
- More controls added in the settings
Version 12.1a: Released on April 13th 2018
- Sales agent self-order/customer display.
- Compatible with 3.0.x version.
- Added minor fixes and improvements.
Version 8.1: Released on May 21st 2017
- Now commission can be calculated till 3 levels.
- Parent when login can only see their own report and child report.
- Child can only see their own sales agent report.
Version 7.1: Released on October 22nd 2016
- So when customers visit from this links automatic sales agent would be detected.
- Commission shall be applied automatically if order has been made.
- Added new report page to display customer created by sales agent.
Version 6.1: Released on October 4th 2016
- Now you can also select / edit sales agent from order info page on admin side.
- Added new feature to have parent sales agent and child sales agent.
- Parent can earn extra commission when order is made from child sales agent.
- You can add parent commission charges when order is made from child sales agent.
- It is also possible that parent sales agent have their own commission charges.
Version 5.1: Released on August 7th 2016
- Compatible with 2.3.x version
- Now you can set where you want to show sales agent drop down.
- You can show during customer registration or during checkout or both.
- You can also add sales agent from admin side order entry.
- Also works with guest orders.
- You can connect sales agent with your admin user. So when this users login, then can only see their sales and not other sales agent sales.
- Code improvement and better interface.
Version 4.1: Released on May 30th 2016
- Compatible with 2.2.x version
Version 3.1: Released on March 30th 2016
- Now sales agent report supports multiple currency.
- You can easily know how much sales agent commission is based on report.
- Support added for guest orders.
Version 2.1: Released on January 30th 2016
- Added sales agent report
- Added feature to enable disable sales agent to show in front end during order placing.
Version 1.1: Released on November 25th 2015
- Extension Released on 2.x version.