Version 5.1: Released on January 4th 2016
- Extension is now supported on new opencart version
Version 4.1: Released on December 8th 2015
Now support 1.5.x version.
Customer who needs gift wrapping for complete order and per product both of 1.5 version can download the module.
Version 4.1: Released on December 2nd 2015
Now support version
Gift details are now also added to order invoice, so it can be seen in order printouts.
Version 3.12: Released on September 29th 2015
Now the customer can select their gift types like:

You can add your own gift types.
Version 3.10: Released on September 20th 2015
Extension released. We do have extension displays a different set of products to a customer instead of showing out of stock product.
Out of stock product cannot be purchased from the store, so why not display them some good products with a nice layout.